La Boheme Scarf in Olive

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We understand why you might think this scarf is overpriced..but trust us it’s really not! Firstly, the width and length of this scarf will keep warm and wrapped all winter long, plus if you’re creative you can even wear it as a cool wrap skirt. Secondly, this double-sided patterned scarf is made from 100% Egyptian cotton and features an Exclusive FUFA print on each side giving you twice the charm when wrapped around your neck. And finally, with every wash this scarf gets softer and softer so really this is a purchase you will not regret! Choose from two AMAZING colors!

Care For Me ♡ If you want to wear this item forever and ever, please follow these instruction: Handwash in cold water, Do not tumble dry, Do not wring, Iron inside out. Handle with love & care ❥

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