Shalala Lookbook

For the city escapers, those mystified by nature’s jewels & always on a hunt for another wanderlust, Shalala was created for you. This collection was designed to evoke the wanderer inside you, combine comfort and confidence, and release a feeling of enthusiasm and freedom. For the color palette, we stepped out of our comfort zone and infused daring never before seen colors consisting of washed out pinks, popping turquoise and a shade of green that turns into sparkling yellow. As for the range of styles, you’ll find classic must-haves in new colors and prints, long gone tops making a comeback, and newly introduced sets and pieces we know will fast become FUFA favorites. From linens to viscose, fabrics your body has become familiar with and adores, we are also excited to share a new material consisting of a patterned cotton mesh so soft, light and versatile, you’ll probably want to live in all summer long. Be prepared to get seriously amazed by the intricate magic of handwork by the talented women of Egypt. Shalala is a collection we hope will bring life to your closet with its pop of color and free-spirited styles.