Sustainability Mission

We have the power to MAKE

🌺 Make beautiful Garments

🧵 Make valuable Pieces

🤸🏾 Make an impact on People

🌴 Make a difference in the Environment


We choose to use that power to make good, conscious and definitely effective decisions!

Let us take you through our sustainable process but first…

We Use...

Our Shameful Fabrics

It is our mission to stop using any synthetic fabrics making us a 100%natural brand. However, some of our pieces are still made from man-made fibers
due to the unfortunate fact that we still cannot find a natural substitute for it. This leaves room for improvement, and in the meantime we encourage
and plead you to take very good care of these garments by recycling or re-sharing when not in use.

Prints, Prints, Prints ~ An art we LOVE! Our prints are inspired from travels in Egypt. The culture, the people, the food and architecture are all factors in the creation of our patterns. It starts with a sketch, moves on to an illustration, then printed digitally on 100% Egyptian cotton. 

Why digital? Digital printing isa much more efficient and greener method for printing as it requires a lot less water consumption and energy than screen or rotary printing.

Packaging is the ribbon of any gift! It’s the exciting part of opening a present - even if you bought it yourself. We would absolutely hate to think that
the packaging we put together full-heartedly gets thrown out in the garbage because of its lack of use.

Why let anything go to waste? It is no secret that a high percentage of the fabric produced is wasted when cut into garments. While we’re trying our best
to minimize this waste, we find alternative & creative solutions to manage this waste as well.